Friday, March 2, 2012

Wild Life


"There is a keeyah way-al in my juice."  Abby decides coolly as she scoots her cup away from her plate.

"A...what?"  I ask.

"A keeyah way-al, Mommy.  I do not like keeyah way-als in my juice."

"Ohhh...a killer whale.  In your juice?"

"Mm Hm," she nods crunching on lettuce.

Abby's juice was a blueberry acai blend and it was darker than dark.  I watched her as she brought the little green cup to her lips, scanned its contents and placidly reject it by pushing her cup toward the middle of the table. 

Why she believed there to be a killer whale lurking in the shallow pool of her cup, I don't know.

But I admire her vision very much.

"There. I saw its tail splash,"  I report.

"You DID?"   Grayson's eyebrows hit the ceiling.

"Yes, definitely it was a splash.  Watch kids, watch closely now."  Grayson's smile spread across a scrunched up nose already sniffing toward the suspicious little green cup.

"Told you. A keeyah way-al."  Abby imparts.  "May I peas have a jooce-box?"


Anonymous said...

Think I had one of those in my coffee the other morning...sneaky little buggers hiding where you least expect. <3 <3

OSMA said...

We are hoping for no Keeyah Wayals in your cup this morning. Maybe I should get you a harpoon for your birthday. :) <3