Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Syrup


When we arrived at the park on Sunday a most heavenly scent lured us from the parking lot.

 Hot maple syrup.  Sausage.  
Breakfast in the woods.

We could not clamber fast enough to the pancake tent. 

First stop was the How To exhibit.

Two women were showing us how they tap trees, collect syrup, and cook it down to its most celestial forms.  Did you know that maple candy is what happens last when all the liquid evaporates and nothing but the sugar remains.  It was $15.00 per bag.  Which was fortunate because that seemed too steep a price to pay for more junk in my trunk.


And the angels sing.
The Pancake Cabin!
The origin of heavenly hot syrup love.

Kid Approved.

Not so much canine, though.  

 I stayed outside with Sadie Girl while the hungry ones dove face first into gigantic homemade pancakes inside the magical smoking house.

I tried to convince her we had it better outside near this sparkling lake but she was not impressed with our crystalline surroundings.

 She was not impressed at all.

 Sadie (and maybe me too) spent the whole hour staring at the elusive pancake building that seemingly swallowed her entire family whole.
 She (we) didn't smile until they returned...with pancakes.

And sausage.

Next up was time to play on the rocks...even though there was a perfectly great playground less than 8 feet away.

Kids preferred to helicopter with Dad and sun on the beach with Mom.

Which was more than okay with Mom and with Dad.


Abby has informed me that I am to sign her up for Rock Climbing and Sand Castling class this summer. 


I will see what I can do.

If not, I can always look for Flashdance Class.

And perhaps a dog obedience class too.

Ah, who am I kidding...

We love 'em naughty around here.


JRitz said...

Great pictures! And I have to admit, I would have been in the magic pancake house with the rest of them:)

OSMA said...

Thanks, JRitz! Believe me, next time I'm bringing a much linger leash.

OSMA said...