Monday, March 12, 2012


(We're getting a jump start on our tans around here.  By July we will go from toothpaste white to savagely eggshell.)

The thermostat climbed to a delicious almost 70 today.

So of course the kids wanted to go swimming.

Wonder how long before they realize neither of their post toddler bodies fit in this little tub.

(The water was as warm as bath water, I swear.)

And still, there were neighbors walking by with winter jackets, gloves and hats on.

I know, right?  Gloves and hat?

A little excessive.

Happy almost 70 degrees, east coast. 

(I'll write again tomorrow from the pediatrician's office after the kids spend all night sneezing and coughing because their mom can't wait for June.  We had a SUPER busy weekend that I can't wait to tell you about but right now my husband just got home early and I'm going to celebrate by making dinner for the children.  Something different for a Monday night.)

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