Wednesday, December 7, 2011


(Handprint Turkey expertly crafted by my brother, Donnie)

Over Thanksgiving I decided to start a new tradition.  I got this idea from a blog called A Soft Place to Land. It's a fantastic blog with so many thoughtful ideas that I can't wait to go back and see what she's got in the works for Christmas.

If you click on her link above in pink and scroll down a bit you'll see the Thanksgiving Tablecloth idea I borrowed.  Basically you prepare by buying yourself a king size sheet and some fine point Sharpies.  You're gonna need to throw in some gum so the cashier doesn't look at you sideways but whatever.

The idea is to then give every person attending Thanksgiving Dinner a Sharpie so they can write their name and a little message if they so desire.  In large part, my family so desired.  I am now supposed to embroider everyone's message so the tablecloth becomes a beautiful tapestry and one day an heirloom. Store it away for the winter and repeat next Thanksgiving on same bed sheet.

I have no idea how to embroider so I intend to hire out before next Thanksgiving.  
The time was precious at my Dad and Chris' so I didn't get everyone's messages on film but I do have a few to show you.  Not sure why I chose no flash for the last four.  Remind me to keep the lights on.

I loved this idea so much and I'm tickled my brother Donnie went shopping at Wal-Mart with me for a sheet, Sharpies, and popcorn crunch.  You know, instead of the gum.

This first one is from MiMi.  It sums up the entire visit and (my overall life) experience.   

This one's from my brother, Alex.  Only I disagree with him.  I happen to think that this turkey drawing is spectacular.

This one is from Pop-Pop.  He's right, we did miss the rest of our family a lot and hopefully next year we can figure out a way to all be together in one huge warehouse with a bounce house, trampoline, paintball firing range, and all 72 of Eric's big boy toys (unicycle, remote control cars, wheelie trike things, etc.)

Here's mine. No wit but the heart bullets must count for something.

And lastly, here is some free flow from Abby.

That's gonna be a bear to embroider.   I may be charged extra for her portion but the end product will be worth much more than the price of admission.

Hurray for Family Traditions, old and new!


Monica said...

I can embroider. It might take a while, but if you want it for free I'll do it.

Monica said...
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OSMA said...

Monica - Thank you so much for offering. I already asked a friend to do it for money. I will definitely ask you for your help if she is unable to get to the tablecloth within the next couple of months. Also, no way will you do it for free but you are a love for offering that. It is hard to find time for yourself so I appreciate making time for embroidering very much. Thanks again!

Maj Smythe said...

I'm with Donnie on his. Dragon? yes. Turkey? Emphatically. no....

OSMA said...

Smythe, we dubbed that drawing "Turkeypillar." I like Dragon better.