Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good Taste

So you know how you tend to treat the people closest to you the worst?

Yeah.  That.

It's happening to me.  Only I'm on the receiving end this time.

Two examples.  If you're a parent, be prepared to wince.

Example One:
A few days ago and completely out of the blue, Grayson asked who was going to die first:  me or Daddy.

I told him that's not something he needs to worry about as a little boy.  Then I told him we don't get to know those kinds of things.  I know, I should've just said neither of us is ever going anywhere ever so please crawl back in your innocent little person happy meadow where bluebirds speak, Superman rewinds the hands of time, and only bad people get hurt.

But no, my kids got a realist for a mom who feels compelled to cushion the blow but still delivers the punch.

After listening to my remarks, Grayson then adds, "Well, I hope it's not Daddy."

Ha.  Serves the realist right.  Right back at me, Sunshine.

Example Number Dos:
Abby cupped her sweet little hands around my face last night and touched her nose to mine.  While I melted in the warmth of the precious sentiment, she says...and I quote, "Mommy?  I love you but I love Miss Tanya more than you.  She is the best mommy."

"Is that so?"  I ask.

"Yes, it is," she said without flinching.

"Why do you love Miss Tanya more than me?"

"Because she is gooder and I just love her so much I could live at her house but I would like to bring my brudda and my daddy."

"I see.  Hm.  Maybe I could keep Sadie then?"

"No, she loves Daddy more than you."

Wow, this just doesn't get any better for mom, does it?

So, in the end I've learned one thing. 

I have very good taste in husbands and friends.

That and I can probably go back to work any time now.  My damage is done here.


Anonymous said...

no rest for the weary
no gratitude either
keep smiling Mom
and keep your sense of humor!
I think you deserve a day at the spa for all this abuse!!!!

ries said...

Just remember who they run to when they cry and whose legs they hide behind when they're shy or scared.

OSMA said...

nam - it takes a mom to understand, thank you. :)

ries - you're right. i also have to believe at least i've taught them never to lie to their mother, even if the truth hurts. which it did but only for one post. thank goodness i have this here bloggity because i was starting to run out of bailey's.