Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Elk" the Shelf Elf

Have you heard of The Elf on the Shelf?

It's a Christmas gimmick going around this year about a little stuffed elf that has magical powers. He is discovered somewhere in the house and watches over the kids in the house to make sure they are nice and not naughty. He then flies off at night to report back to Santa about his findings.

He is an adorable little narc found by Grayson in our kitchen this morning. Grayson was totally buying what the elf was selling.


She is our in house skeptic.

Here's the video.

Abby is now wandering the house with a comforter over her head so the elf cannot see her. I guess naughty is not visible through a cotton and nylon blend.


pajama mom said...

k burst into tears when i told the kids about the elf, i thought it was because she was scared of him, but then she said, "i don't want an elf that reports to santa, because then i won't get any presents at all!"


OSMA said...

PJ! I'm thinking my kids are a bit worried about the same thing. I am noticing we are all on our best behavior when in direct visual of Clark. I may have to get one for every room. Abby might relocate.

The Palmer Family said...

My kids love our elf Bert (named after the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins). He comes every December 1 and everyone seems to behave a little better. The kids make him Christmas ornaments and write him letters. Bert has even written them back in his teeny tiny handwriting. They think of him as a member of the family.

My only problem with Bert is at 2am when I've realized we've forgotten to move him and Sean and I debate who's turn it is to get up.

Did you know that Bert even comes to check on us throughout the year? Because really you can't be good for just one month. Luke and his friend Aidan were playing in my closet a couple of summers ago and somehow a box from way up high came crashing down. And wouldn't you know it Bert was hiding in there spying on the kids. You know, just to make sure they're behaving all year long.

It was as if the kids had seen a ghost when they saw Bert laying on the floor after he fell out of his "hiding place". I thought Luke might cry. I could have won the Academy Award for my performance. They bought it hook, line and sinker. The incident has only added to their belief in him. I got a pair of thongs and put him back in his hiding place (you know because you can't touch him). The next day we checked the box and he was gone back to the North Pole. But the kids always wonder if and when he might be doing random checks though out the year.

OSMA said...

I think you may have told me this story but it bears repeating (is that even a phrase?) here because I cannot stop giggling every time I picture an elf named Bert falling from your closet heights to scare the biddlydoops out of your kids. Who knew Bert would come back to haunt your children? :) LOL, I'm cracking myself up over here. Love you. xoxoxo