Thursday, December 15, 2011


In case we haven't met, I'm the sentimental type.  I love holiday cards.  I save most things that have people's handwriting on them.  For years.  I don't throw away love notes from the husband. (P.S.  My husband is the one to hide the Elf in the morning.  And for some reason Clark is the Elf on the Shelf's new name.  Grayson didn't think Elk was any good anymore.  Also? The best part of this pic might be the tell tale 5am coffee stain.)  

 For a week or two the holiday cards have been showing up in the mailbox.  It's like a visit from an old friend every time.  I love the pictures, the sentiments, the color choices.  This year's common thread is a throwblack classic look: red, black and white card with or without snowflakes.  Each year I've noticed there is a popular choice for design and this year everyone seems to be feeling nostalgic and old school.  I love them all.  

What do you do with all these lovely cards once it's time to take them down?  I thought of a collage but I don't even make the time to do that with my own family pics so I'm sure that will never happen.  

What about some kind of Mod Podge coaster set or picture frame? 

I'll be burning the late night HTML looking for ideas so send 'em if you got 'em.

By the way, at around midnight, this is what I found at the foot of our bed.  

(He spread out Andy's long sleeve shirt to sleep on and climbed right in the oversized Santa stocking like a sleeping bag.)

Someone is very brave about Clark during the day but doesn't like the idea of him so much at night.   All uncertainties are forgotten in the light of the early morning, however, and Grayson is on the search for him before Andy defrosts his car at O Dark Thirty.

Abby has decided Clark is fake and wants no part of him because he "doesn't even have shoes on."  Leave it to Abby to monitor his choice of footwear and judge him accordingly.  Diva. 

And finally, we are still searching for a blue Power Ranger that was lost on Saturday.  Looking through a few pics to post here, I found a clue.  I've checked the train cars but not inside the little plastic houses.  Worth a shot since this is his last known whereabouts. 

Happy Almost Friday, you guys.  We're practically there.

Are you as wiped out as I am?  What is that about?  Holiday stress?  Winter doldrums?  Lack of vitamin A through E?  I did a Zumba class this morning and felt great right up until 2pm at which time me and every single other mom in the parking lot looked like we just drank expired Egg Nog.

Maybe we need to get all dolled up and have ourselves a big girl Princess Party.

Where I'm from, they call that Book Club.


The Palmer Family said...

I have a friend that puts all the received Christmas cards in a basket on her dining table. Each night at dinner they pick a card and pray for that family and share a fun/nice memory of them. I think this is such a great idea.

I've been thinking of you and meaning to call you. I feel like I haven't sat in one spot long enough this past month to make a phone call. Between Christmas shopping and parties and the usual day to day things like laundry and 3rd grade math, this month has passed me by. Horrible excuses, but I know you understand. I hope to catch up with you soon. Love you!!! K

OSMA said...

Kataleena! I miss you. You have been in my thoughts every day and I know you are busy b/c I'm half as busy as you and I can barely exhale. We will rise again to b.s. together on the phone soon. Okay, maybe Jan. but that's okay too. I love the basket idea and am considering decoupaging them onto poster board to keep for a while longer. Thanks for the basket idea, consider it borrowed already.

I hope you're surviving the holiday crazy and multiplying fractions. Or are they onto algebra in 3rd grade now?

Love you too.