Sunday, July 24, 2011

She's Still Got It

I can no longer deny it. My Sadie Girl is really starting to show her age.

Snowy face.

Arthritic stretching.

Selective hearing.

She is nine after all.

But when we have an all out family WWF grappling match in our living room?

Sadie Girl is two years old again.

She's still got it.

She just doesn't have the need to show it all the time, is all.

Sadie Girl - 1, Green Dragon - History.


Anonymous said...

She's still beautiful as well. Enjoying the blogs, "especially" the videos.


OSMA said...

G - Yes, she is still very beautiful. So glad you still stop in to read and view. I will do more videos so you can watch her age every so gracefully. She's still plenty pup, as the pics of the gutted dragon show.