Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frog Day

What happens when you don't sign up your childen for summer camp? You end up having Frog Day, that's what. Oh, it will happen to you too, if your children are energetic (mobile), curious (breathing), under six years old (why did I think the pool would be enough?) and bored after 9am.

Because the kids are still young enough to go for this, we have instituted our own camp at our house. I call it Mommy Wants to Hideaway Camp. Every day brings a new theme and a new reason to brush our teeth and pretend we didn't just spend two hours rhyming with the words: caca, pyramid (hard one, try it), Styrofoam, and of course the derivative of caca: poopie.

So, we started MWHC this morning and today's theme: Frog Day. We still have yet to find one but darnit if we're not looking in all the right mud puddles.

(*Funny aside: Moments before going outside to hunt for frogs, I squirted fish oil all over my pants and my shirt. We give Sadie fish oil now in her food and most of the time I can open the capsules without also bathing myself in the stinky stuff. Today, however, poor aim and a I became a very large upright Tuna steak for all the mosquitoes. Y'all should see my poor ankles.)

Actually, it's turning out to be more like Dead Bug Day but even that's better than our possible default: Let's Drive the Kids to Daddy's Work Day

Tomorrow's theme will be announced when Abby chooses her little thrice folded piece of paper.

And in case I still can't figure out what to do for Crayon Day, we manifestoed this little system here that lists places and things we've been wanting to do while stationed in the DC area. Sad that I need a list to help me figure out just where to drive and what to do when we arrive at one of our fun spots but that's what it amounts to. I give us a week. After that, get ready. I'm coming to your house. Unannounced. With more Colby Cheeze Its and words that rhyme with trashbucket than you can even imagine.

(Sorry, I cannot figure out how to get this image above to flip the right way. I apologize to your neck and collarbone muscles. Here, quick! Look at Abby below...)

What are you doing to keep yourselves out of jail this summer?


Anonymous said...

Your smile has returned! :) Keep that list, you will treasure it down the road! Honest!!! Nams

Monica said...

You should have done frog day at our house! We had some tadpoles that turned into tiny frogs that could sit on the top of your finger. The jumped out of the tank and now are bigger frogs that you can see/catch if you are lucky. has activities and some crafts. I've used their website with David and kids I watched. has the letter worksheets and coloring sheets. Have you checked out your library? Ours does a summer reading program with prizes and everything (we pick chilck fil a meals, another free activity, can't lose), and they do lots of little activities like a craft every week, and special programs, and yesterday we did a scavenger hunt for a prize. Swimming lessons? VBS? They might also like Your Big Backyard magazine. David does. Our library carries that one, so yours might as well. And yes, you cam come visit us. Even unanounced. Just make sure you know where we live in case it's changed by then.

OSMA said...

nams - it has :) and i will. hope you two have a great safe trip to das boat. xoxo

monica - thank you for so many ideas to help keep the crazies at bay. i will definitely be looking into all of them as the hours tick by slowly :) thank you so much! xo