Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clearing the Cobwebs

Do you ever get the cobwebs in your head that make you feel groggy, fuzzy and distracted all day long? I've had these dust bunnies of the cranium for a month or so now and I think I've finally figured out the culprit. No (formal) exercise is nĂºmero uno problem and bread or gluten or whatever horrible anti-nutrient is inside that stuff is dos bad guy. Me and flour have gone our separate ways and to make up for lost time, I am returning to the humming arms of my ever loving treadmill. Not to run, oh no I am not that ready for an Oprah challenge, I am walking. But I am walking fast. And I am talking while I'm walking which is so much better than bitchin in my kitchen. Come see. I promise to write again one day soon but for now I'm having so much fun playing with the new video app and of course embarrassing the Hubs all in one fell swoop. A total win win.

Here's to health, wellness, and improving spirit!

1) Back on the Horse

2) Now Move, Horse, Move

3) Horse is Slow But Ohsohappy

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