Thursday, July 7, 2011

Castle Day

Yesterday's theme: Castle Day

We started by having a breakfast fit for a prince and princess. Champagne flutes and eggs in cupcake holders are not exactly royal tradition but it felt rather fancy so we indulged.

We dined and toasted while of course watching the royal wedding and listening to all the pomp and circumstance songs I could unearth on YouTube.

Then we busied ourselves with the construction of the sparkliest purplest castle one cardboard recycled McDonald's drink divider could provide.

It was a lengthy build but the Prince and Princess worked diligently on their turrets while the Queen B (ahem) assembled the moat.

Since we don't have any dragon toys (clearly, an oversight) we re-used our Shrinky Dink bugs from Frog Day as our mighty moat protectors.

Who wouldn't be afraid of pipe cleaner legs?

Lastly, it wouldn't be Castle Day without a superhero crown and a beaded tiara.

I desperately wanted to end our day with a trip to a real live castle so I googled a few castles in our area. I almost braved up enough to do The Smithsonian by myself but alas, the Queen B in me feared the underground dungeon (DC Metro) with two sweet underlings and gave myself orders to do some much needed grocery shopping for perhaps royal bubbles and/or Coat of Arms cupcakes instead. The Prince and Princess were not the least bit underwhelmed. The Queen B was quite pleased. It was a fine royal and proper day and it can only go downhill from here with tomorrow's theme: CandyLand. What was Queen B thinking?!

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