Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Jealous

So CandyLand Day never got off the ground. Most we did was locate the game and some pink cake box mix. Guess everyone needed a day off from Desperation Day Camp, including you oh patient reader.

Instead of sticking this little ditty under the "He Said, She Said" tab where it belongs (yea, I'm back to posting under the tabs again), I've decided to put it here because it's perfect for Friday.

Locale: Today - car ride to return things from REI
Kids not watching DVD player for once in their car tripping lives.

Me: Do you seriously have to poop, Tippies?
Grayson: Mom, Tippies is not with us in the car, we left her at home.
Me: Ooops, I called you the dog's name, that's bad. I'm sorry.
Grayson: I don't like that Tippies.
Me: What is your deal with her anyway? You are so mean to her lately. Are you...(teasing commences) jealous of her? Do you want to be the only one getting all the hugs and kisses round here? Are you jealous, Digs? Huh, huh? Are ya, are ya? (Someone needs to lay off the iced coffees.)
Grayson: What's jealous?
Me: Like mad or upset because you want something she has, like a big fat hug from The Mommy!!!! (I gets my kicks where I cans.)
Grayson: Noooooooooooooooo! I'm NOT jealous.
Me: What are you then?
Grayson: (he whispers for effect) I'm.....SELFISH.

The end.

Love that freaking kid, he cracks me up.

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