Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Take Thee

Today I celebrate the Hubs. It's not his birthday. His birthday was just a bit ago. Here are some pics of that particular celebration.

The kids and I picked him up at his favorite local ice cream parlor/deli after he rode his bike there from work. An hour prior to retrieving him, we worked hard at putting together a small surprise party for him.

He was utterly exhausted from the long bike ride home but put on his best Daddy game face and played along with three expectant faces.

(Can you believe I bought him a farm puzzle for 6+? Mommy is very tired.)

He was thrilled about the streamers. It's what every Marine really wants if you listen hard enough. Streamers and rainbow sprinkled frosted cookies too, obvs.

The beef jerky and pop rocks were an impulse buy which did not disappoint.

(There is video footage we'll adore for years to come of Abby discovering PopRocks for the first time.)

He really was a great sport. There was a toothpick candle, for heaven's sake and he never even flinched. (Again, Mommy is sooo tired.)

So today, not on his birthday, I celebrate the Hubs because:

  • he's just a really good guy
  • we're dating again and it's the best thing ever
  • he's super cute in his biking gear, all sweaty and glossy and smiley
  • he takes on child duties without complaint so that I can escapse to have a few cocktails with old friends
  • he still makes me laugh the ugly laugh
  • he makes me cry with the things he writes in birthday cards

  • he has learned to dismiss me two weeks before...well, two weeks "before"
  • he has these freckles which I refer to as his "coffee stain" on his wrist that I find oddly sexy
  • he eats the worst possible food that a person can eat at 10:30pm in bed, right next to me
  • he tells me I'm on the "top tier of hot women" in the room no matter what room we're in
  • he has fallen in love with our children all over again

  • deployment has magically aided and abetted in the re-prioritizing of important stuff
  • he has great hair
  • he has an exciting adventurous spirit and willingness to pick up and go at a moment's notice
  • he dearly covets anything remotely ice cream related
  • he is reminding me more of my grandfather every day
  • doesn't ask for receipts anymore because he knows I smooshed them in my purse, then probably used them as bubblegum hammocks.
  • he fills the bird feeder and I never see him do it
  • he smells of gasoline, dirt, and lime scented deoderant on the weekends
  • he tells the kids to hush when I sing
  • recently hung out with me and the kids while I bought an entire new wardrobe at REI
  • gets grouchy when the kids infringe on our adult time, post 8:30pm
  • can throw together a meal to rival Guy Fieri out of week old squash, 2 day old grilled chicken and somehow dijon mustard
  • tells me I'm not an emotional disaster like Ashley on The Bachelorette
  • that he knows who Ashley on Bachelorette is
  • he shops for camping gear for the future me who will once again warm up to that idea
(There are many more reasons but I wouldn't want to give him too much leverage if he reads this.)

Oh we are just as dysfunctional at times as the next couple but lately we've plateau'ed in a happy place that makes me almost a little grateful that the children are only getting older and more independent. The future looks bright, big, and even a little romantic in a camping in the rain sort of way.


pajama mom said...


JRitz said...

Ok now I'm crying a little. Great post.

Jeri said...

He sounds great ... reminds you of Uncle Jim? (that grandpa?)

OSMA said...

PJ - thank u. it was overdue.

Jritz - i don't want to make you and thank you.

Jeri - the one and only :). they are so similar in their values, sharp wit, and habits. sometimes when hubs is balancing checkbook with glasses on, all curved over the desk, i see your uncle and my gpa. uncanny and only slightly creepy.

OSMA said...

Jritz * cry, forgot the action verb in that sentence.