Monday, September 30, 2013


sorry if my last blog post alarmed you or made you wonder if all i do is sit in random parking lots not getting out of my car.  i don't.  i get out of the car everywhere i go except the gym.  i'm betting only 50% of that reason is actually not wanting to make myself work very hard and sweat until i feel like i should look like charlize theron.  i never do.  this hurts my sweaty feelings. 

regardless, bloggers tend to process their innards online.  in front of thousands (nineties, whatever) because it's way less scary than having a conversation with a person who blinks. 

however, it has come to my attention that not everyone loves this idea and for them, i'm sorry.  for me?  not so much.  i love you guys and i love telling you what's going on.  for those of you who know me here, in the steamy bayou, you can tell i'm a way too talkative completely normal person.  i function as a mom, wife, dog owner, PTA volunteer, salamander stalker, you name it.  never do i cry in front of my new friends (AWkward) and very rarely do i cry in front of my family but when i do it's never because i'm sad.  it's usually when i'm a) so tired all i can do is weep b) scared because abby choked again and i'm sure she'll never live past 6 if she keeps trying to eat corn chips.

anyway, i feel the need to let anyone who is concerned/annoyed/wearing their pjs that everything's ok.  i do realize my blessings are far greater than my woes.  far greater.  sometimes i get caught up in my woes here because it's safe.  because it's you guys.  because writing them out helps me put them behind me.  i'm syntactic like that.

anyway, here's me today with the kids and a quick peek of andy.  we're doing what we always do and i'm doing it off key.



A Speckled Trout said...

You've always seemed normal to me, but I'd ditch the PTA thing. That's exactly what sends a lot of moms over the edge.

Love you, love the giggly kiddos, love being on fire.

Andrea Mowery said...

Love the tickle fighting, girl on fire singing, temperature taking, giggling randomness that clearly shows that you are a normal mom who loves her kids and who has a backstory to tell.

JRitz said...

No need to apologize. Makes some of us seem not so alone in their crazy.

OSMA said...

SpeckT, Full disclosure: I counted a few Box Tops and run from volunteering my precious 145 seconds of free time. Also? I very nearly named this post Dear SpeckT :) Love you too!!

Andrea, it's true, isn't it? We all have our backstory to tell. My favorite part of following other blogs is catching those glimpses of their life before being a mom/dad/blogger. Helps me picture them in high school. :)