Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Neck of the Swamp

Andy's been on travel since the weekend.

Five days of solo parenting and I'm one passport away from becoming Zelda and finding out what's good in Greenland.

fact that I was once very good at solo parenting seems to have been indigenous to Virginia. Here, I can barely keep the five of us from running aground by 5pm.

In the span of four days I've:

Ruined two dinners

Cleaned up dog puke twice (Second one was hiding for two days under a pillow. I'll let you guess WHOSE pillow.)

Hosed down inside of van from spilled Abby's spilled milkshake (from Sonic because of the ruined dinner #2.)
Opened the fridge causing a bottle of red to nose dive on our tile and spread its shrapnel into Grayson's toes. Roughly seven minutes before bedtime.

Been sweetly scared to death by my two guard dogs who were both charging the door at two a.m. Abby and I suddenly had Parkinson's comforting each other for an hour.

Driven over a 24 mile long bridge in the rain with my migraine boy to find out we are doing most things right and he is still just going to get migraines.

Have not been able to blog about it because Andy has the computer...this is from my iPad and is also being typed in HTML which might be painfully obvious by the time I press publish. Sorry.

Pulled my groin or whatever you call that in a woman. My bikini area? My butt? I'm not sure but I can't deliver my dogs' food dishes without yelping like a wounded chihuahua or maybe more Saint Bernard.
So here are some pretty pictures of where we live to make me happy. I saved them in a post to work on but I have to go watch Abby paint in her brand new Book Fair books with water colors. Oh yes she is and Oh yes I am letting her. Why is she home on a school day, you ask? Because the girls are taking a mental health day. We might even sneak in a pedi.


Anna See said...

Sounds like quite a week, girl! Wowza! Well, you need to remind yourself you also sent me an amazing care package with two incredibly thoughtful and beautiful gifts, Legos for kids in the hospital, plus quotations to help inspire me! Thank you!!!

OSMA said...

Anna, it arrived quickly...yay! So glad everything got there ok. Hope you like the extras and if not, regift and I will be none the wiser. You are so welcome. Was fun to put together, sorry about all the plastic bags. :)

Andrea Mowery said...

Solo parenting is hard when the kids are small. But you still managed to show off those great shots of your neighborhood. It's really beautiful.

It will get easier when the kids get older. And it'll get hard too, in different ways. :)

Shaye walsh said...

Hey, I’m having trouble finding an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?