Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hope Floats and Falls

Guess what these are?

(Nope, I thought wads of bubblegum too.)

They are snail eggs. 

When they're ready, they hatch and fall right down into the water.  I haven't figured out what happens after that but I hope the odds are in each baby snail's favor. 

And these little beauties were not here a couple of days ago.  But look at them all accounted for, paper thin, and purple enough to be royalty.

And that duck you see in the left hand corner is all alone on this pond with only a few turtles to keep her (him? it? my duck illiteracy is showing) company but it never stops swimming, floating, eating, and sunning itself.

My job lately feels like seeing hope wherever it grows. 

I'm so glad I skipped the gym today.


Andrea Mowery said...

The snail eggs are interesting. I've never seen such a thing! Love your perception of the job/no gym thing.

OSMA said...

Aren't they bizarre? A nice mom told me what they were at the bus stop. I am FASCINATED. Youtube better show hatching. Will keep you posted. Thanks for loving anything my fingers spit out. Likewise. I just really suck at commenting.