Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sometimes the kids say it best.  Slightly mispronounced but, best.

Here's a few recents I can remember...

In front of Einstein Bagel one morning:
Abby:  Mommy!  We are skipping our a$$es off!
Me:  Yes, we are.  Please don't say that at preschool.

Abby:  You know Grayson, I hate to tell you this but six is still little.
Grayson:  {shoveling oatmeal down his gullet} Yeah, maybe.  But six is faaast.

After watching Rise of the Guardians:
Me:  It was good but not sure why Santa was depicted as a Russian dictator.
Grayson:  Yeah.  Santa is usually much more...Italian.

Abby:  Ow!
Me:  What happened?
Abby:  My back foot.
Me:  Your back foot? 
Abby:  Yeah.  I ankled it.
Me:  You mean you hurt your ankle?
Abby:  No, Mommy.  I ankled my back foot.  It's ok.  You probably just have a cold and hear rhyming words.

After getting my hair cut:
Abby:  Eeeeek!  It's short but I'm not going to let Daddy laugh at you.

Grayson:  Mommy?  I think I know what Jesus looks like.
Me:  Ok, I'll bite.  What does Jesus look like?
Grayson:  Like Sadie.
Me:  Yes.  I can see your point.

Grayson:  I know our address.
Me:  Good.  Do you know our city?
Grayson:  Yes.  George Washington DC

This Just In!
Abby:  Mom I have an announcement for you:
If you see a pillow at my door it means leave a message, come back later,  I'm crying in my bed.

So if you'll excuse me, I have to go leave a message, go back later, and soothe a crying insomniac in her bed.


ries said...

These are great!

OSMA said...

Thank you, ries. Miss you!