Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Donuts with Dad

Friday might have been my favorite day in a long time.

Grandpa T graciously accepted an invitation to go to "Donuts with Dad" at Grayson's school.  T woke up early, drove an hour through rush hour DC traffic to get here, then immediately got a flat tire upon pulling into our neighborhood.  I found him like this as I was returning from dropping off the kiddos to school:


Within 20 minutes, T got his nice dress pants all scuffed at the knees, his hands grungy from tire dust, his truck temporarily running with one anemic looking donut.  We washed our hands then took him to G's school to enjoy a better kind of donut.  The boys had a great time bonding over stories of dogs, football, and flat tires.  Grayson's shoulders were down and his face mellow when I found them.  Comfortable, content and happy.

Then I got to take my dad out for a bite to eat while we waited for his new tire to get to the tire shop.  I never get time with him all by myself so I talked faster than a teenager and cursed more than a Marine.  We got caught up on his boys, my brother, and his retirement plans.  The check came before I was ready.

We had to be at NTB by noon to get the new tire. We plopped ourselves down in their waiting room, watched Judge Mathis, and chatted some more.  Although he's a grown man who can handle the duty of waiting for a tire all by himself, it was hard for me to leave.

Finally, I had to shut my pie-hole, and leave him to go pick up Abby.  By the time I reached my minivan, I was a mess.  I couldn't even pull my sh*t together enough to pick up Abby from preschool.  My sweet friend got her for me while I blew my nose in the hallway and told everyone I have horrible spring allergies.

I do.  Apparently I'm allergic to donuts.

If you're reading this, T, thank you.  Thank you for changing your tire in my driveway, eating a donut that was probably stale, ordering a waffle you weren't hungry for, and listening to me on fast forward.  Thank you for being there when we need you the most.  When I need you the most.

Oh, and tell mom to get her tires checked...May is "Muffins with Mom." 

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