Wednesday, March 20, 2013

14 Ways to Say I Love You

A friend of a friend of another FB friend had an awesome idea.

They thought to implement 14 acts of kindness in honor of Jack's birthday.

Who's Jack?  He is Anna's son.  If you don't already know him, go here. 

To honor Jack's life my family came up with 14 things we could do too.  Grayson came up with most, he was a rockstar.  Abby, Andy, and I were pretty much his roadies.

Grayson's List
  • Take Jack and Eddie-Lou's garbage out to the curb for them
  • Get bones for dogs in Humane Society
  • Make a squirrel deflector (?) so birds don't have to fight for bird seed.
  • Invite a friend to play at recess who usually doesn't play with others (Hello.  As your mother, I am wishing you already did this.)
  • Give a card to the nice neighbor who is always picking up dog poop in his yard
Abby's List as dictated by her
  • Painting rainbows, loves, and kisses for Sophie
  • Help yourself
  • Get worms for robins
  • Give away my favorite book to kids who don't have houses.  Maybe Grayson's favorite book.
Andy's List as dictated by him
  • Take newspaper in for neighbors
  • Give $ to guy in front of 7-11
  • Tip car wash jars all week even without getting your car washed 
My List
  • Leave a really good book I've already read hidden somewhere for someone else to find
  • Comment on blogs every day to let them know I enjoyed their writing
  • Babysit my friend's kids so she and her husband have a night out
  • Leave a card of appreciation for our mailman
  • Give a small gift of appreciation to my really nice McD's drive-thru lady.  I just love her.

Three days later and my family has done pretty well.  We have, of course, ventured off our lists but the idea is in the kindess, not so much the act.

Here's What:
  1. Andy took a picture in front of a sign for a fellow Marine and held the door open for her while she dragged some things inside the building.  (I happen to know he would've done this anyway but it's fun hearing about the nice things our significant other does throughout the day.  Also, I hope she did not look like Elizabeth Shue.)  
  2. Abby helped me get dressed this morning.  HUGE act of kindness because it takes me nine million hours to wake up.
  3. Grayson asked a new student to play with him and his friends at recess.  There aren't any new students at his school so I'm a little skeptical.  I did, however, catch him helping up a friend who had fallen after school.  
  4. I have given a card of thanks to someone I appreciate.

Thank you, Jack, for helping us all move toward kindness in your name.  It is an honor.  You are a true gift.


Anna See said...

Wow!!!! Thank YOU! I am so touched and honored by this. Please thank your sweet family for me. xoxo

ries said...

This is a lovely thing to do.

OSMA said...

Anna, my family was tickled you read their lists. We talk about our random acts of kindness (or kindreds as Abby says) every night at dinner. Which is nice for me as I used to really despise dinner time. See? Just another way your family has helped ours. xoxo

ries - thank you. it is more fun than anything and sadly, harder to think of things than i want to admit :)