Friday, March 22, 2013


Marley has nothing on our Sadie Girl.

The Queen is on a roll.  First a cookie heist early in the week, now an emergency morning trip to vet for a nail removal.

Our Royal Highness is still coming off her anesthesia which is always dramatic.  Right now she is crying out about ex-boyfriends that did her wrong and puppies she never got to have.  I hold her in my arms when the memories are too much; when her wide pupils dodge purple pelicans and wavy dog crates.

They call it Special K for a reason.

Here's what happened:

Yesterday Grayson's OT came to our house for his appointment.  She had two little ones in tow and although our dogs are kid friendly, they are also 70 lbs.  I had them outside, with full access to the sun room, for an hour.  It was 30 minutes of full moon howls and beying at the sliding glass door like their domestic lives were not worth living in toasty sunshine and fresh air.

Cesar would be so disappointed in me.

Then, it got quiet.

Ah, Sadie must be finally sun bathing and Sparrow may be hunting for squirrel pooh.

Another 30 minutes later, we said goodbye to our guests and opened the sun room door.

It was a sun room crime scene.  Shiny drops of red atop blotted paw prints of pink galore.  I fully expected to find one of the dogs passed out on our lawn with her paw dangling by a tendon.

After the cleanup.  Can you see the dark spots?

Sadie slinked in by me and I could tell right off the bat it was her.  After full inspection, we determined her back nail had been cut horizontally somehow past the quick;  a painful bloody mess.

She let me clean her up a bit, then nurse her paw until I could get her to the hospital in the morning.

Our Queen is resting quietly now and dreaming of swimming in marshmallows (She dearly loves the double puffed.)

 Her sister is worried she might catch it too.  
Not sure you can catch what Sadie has.  
(You have to be born with it.)

In case you are wondering about how this happened, I have a picture story for you.  From what we can glean from the evidence, Sadie (and Sparrow?) ripped apart a section of our fence to tell the neighbor we had made the grave error of locking the big glass door.


Hello daylight.
Goodbye security deposit.

 From the looks of things, it would seem this has happened before?

My favorite part is the fact that none of the little wooden parts seemed chewed up or destroyed.  She obviously also took an engineering course in college. Sadie is as careful as she is methodical.  And feisty as she ever was.


Dear Sadie Girl, I will never lock you out of your kingdom again. 


Anonymous said...

I think it might have been little sis and not big sis who was the destruction derby leader here. All that was needed was a step up using big sister and right through the space. You would have had one hurt dowga and one gone dowga for the drama of the day. <3 <3

JRitz said...

That is priceless. Hope The Queen is feeling better.