Friday, May 20, 2011

Remote Control

Part Two of the Homecoming will be postponed until I can get back to my original computer that has the pictures on it (read: if there was a fire I'd be hoisting that puppy on my shoulder along w/the kids and the dog). I'm working remotely from a different computer and will soon get my other one back up and running. Sorry for the cliffhanger tease. To put any wandering minds at ease, we're still married. He still likes us. And the dog has not packed up her water dish in a small red handkerchief to depart for parts less sonic boom loud.

What I can remark on without too much visual documentation is the fact that reintegration is one big fat King's Dominion roller coaster. One minute you're tick tick ticking up the ancient wooden planks of the Grizzly and the next moment you're crashing down into the fake blue water of the fake blue pond. It's all enough to make you toss your cookies but we are pulling through and getting in line again, like the best roller coaster goers would.

The good news is that it's totally normal and very typical for post deployed families to experience these highs and lows of reintegration. These are wrinkles that come with the territory of two (very separate and helloooo black and white) worlds colliding. Knowing this has made the transition smoother. Experiencing it has made me laugh (fine, and cry). It's like watching a movie unfold except you already know the outcome. The main characters still go through their histrionics of alpha this and beta that but somehow the movie ends and you're still going to the Giant for milk but picking out his favorite candy (caramel creams).

So, I guess we didn't really need a Part Two after all, did we? Still, I promised you pictures to illustrate what a family reuniting looks like and I will deliver...just in a few days. Thanks for bearing with me. Until then, I will pop in from time to time on my remote computer and chat you up with other non-Marine wife related topics.

Did I just hear a unanimous sigh? You're over it?

Yeah, me too.

Here's to moving past it all.



Anonymous said...

Cheers! <3 <3

pajama mom said...

please tell me you're
at a spa!

Maj Smythe said...

So, all is good then?

Told him to drop a line when he got home safely, but men being what we are, he totally gaffed me off, heh. Figured I'd find out via your bloggy goodness Pecor.

Here's to 10.75 more months of either damn hot or seriously damn hot, but hey, enough about me, this about you and him, the kids and the dog. Good news is, if it hasn't happened already, pretty soon it'll feel like he never left.

Take care, talk soon...