Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Girls

Little girls like hair bows

and pink nail polish...

...that they do all by themselves.

Little girls like to work on art projects in the garage

as long as they get every inch of themselves

smeared in paint.

and on the dog, too.

Little girls look up to their big brother

and hold his face in her tiny hands.

Little girls are very busy eating lunches,

and sharing them.

Little girls like fitting in small places,

and spending quiet time exploring nature alone...

or with friends...

Little girls like to go to "the beach"

and poke around in the sand.

Little girls like to make music

and to wear pretty shoes.

But most of all this little girl likes to make other people smile.

and she's good at it.


JRitz said...

You asked a couple blogs ago what we thought your "one thing" was I have to go with photography (and the captions that go with the pictures). These pictures are beautiful and the captions are perfect! Thank you for sharing your world.

pajama mom said...

too cute!

you'll know it's a good day by the shade of the bathwater when she steps out!

Ranelle said...

Great photos of your kiddos. You were able to capture real life as it is with a little girl . . . and boy.

One Sided Momma said...

jritz - thank you so much for saying that. photography is kind of a latent love of mine that i'm exploring every day. i have written all my life but have recently become smitten with adding photos to illustrate the words, or the other way around? and p.s. thank you for reading my world.

pj - lately it's been a blueberry short of actual gray.

ranelle - thank you - quite a compliment coming from you whose pics and perspective i admire very much. i think of you often and hope you are ready for sunnier skies :)