Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mamas

Mother's Day rocked, you guys. As much as it can rock without the man who helped make me a mom in the first place. Boo that part. That part? A wee bit sad. I didn't hear from him all day long but realized he had left messages on our computer so it was really me who fell quiet on the Mother's Day front. If you're reading this from work, Honey, I'm very sorry I live from iPod alone these days. Can't seem to get behind command central to save my booty.

Getting back to today. Such a nice afternoon! Got to see my mom & T, brother & sister-in-law, and little nephew who gets flipping cuter every time I see him. He is this wind-up ball of energy that wickets around the room or the yard like he might fling off into the air if he had that choice. He and Grayson had a good time wrestling with each other while Abby enjoyed spooning three different kinds of soups from Panera into her mouth and onto her shirt. Girl has her priorities. Broccoli Cheddar first, headlocks second.

So we had a nice visit outside under a sky filled up with cartoon clouds and a sun that never hid. But it went all too quickly. I no sooner laid eyes on my family then they all had to pack up and ship out. I am grateful but too soon was our happy house empty of familiar inhabitants again. Not wanting to dwell in the aftermath of such a good time, I somehow convinced my kids to nap so I could take it all out on the treadmill (third time ever).

After my jallopy run/walk thing was through, I noticed the house still eerily quiet. So I did a few horribly incorrect stomach crunches (second time ever). Then some bicycles that felt great but looked more like I was trying to zing pooh off my shoes. Kids were still sleeping. Dog was nowhere around to fawn over so I rotated my feet around in air circles while laying on my back because well, try it, feels damn good to those old ornery ankles. More silent minutes ticked by and kids were still asleep (and I was bereft of any desire to start making dinner) so I pittered around and checked some home phone messages. To my happyface surprise, there were several I had missed from dear friends who remembered I was solo and wanted to wish the three of us a Happy Mother's Day.

Curious, I checked my cell next. Six missed text messages from friends all over the U.S.!! Then, I checked emails to find about three more messages from more dear friends who took time away from their own special day for another mama out there about whom they worried wasn't going to get enough love and support today.

Finally, to top off an already pretty spectacular show, I got a surprise at my front door. Three doorbell rings and through my front window I spied a pretty blond head ducking behind my minivan. Checking through the peephole, I noticed some flowers, something wrapped, and a card. I opened the door to find my friend and her daughter giggling on the lawn at their sneak gift dropoff coup.

Well guess what?

Best Mother's Day ever.

Because of everyone's thoughtfulness and generous spirit, I was not only remembered but I became next to spoiled for Mother's Day. I felt more loved, honored, and supported in their texts, messages, and status updates than I had any right to be.

You see, mamas are mysterious mythological creatures. You don't even need to have children in some cases for me to consider you a "mama." It's a term of endearment I use when I have let you in past the gargoyles. I may not talk to my "mamas" every day or see them very often but a mama knows when one of her own is licking her wounds. She rallies around her to help make her strong enough to fight her own battles again or just until her wingman arrives (Soon, you guys. As in could conceivably eat leftover curry chicken soon!)

Today I learned a lot about mothering. The greatest asset of mothering, for me, is knowing other amazing ladies who are givers. Mothering feels like arriving at a place in life where it's okay to confess you're weak and just as okay to admit when you're strong. Mothers always make the time to keep track, check in, and take care of each other because we know like the day is long nobody else will sign up for those tasks.

So it was no coincidence that all my friends today are my "mamas" reaching out to their fellow mate who is making her way to shore after some time on a beaten up dingy. They all had me somewhere tucked in their thoughts as they celebrated their own special day with their own families.

You will not find that anywhere else. You will not find that on July 4th. You will not find that on Christmas. You may or may not find that on Thanksgiving depending on where the turkey's being cooked that year. These women remembered me on Mother's Day because they are "mamas" who always watch out for their own even on a day when they had every reason not to.


JRitz said...

Glad you had a wonderful day - you deserved it. And also equally glad that it appears the Major will be home soon?! So happy for you and the kids.

The Palmer Family said...

Love you! You're the best!


One Sided Momma said...

thank you, JRitz and K! couldn't have done this without you both. much love and cheers to a most excellent weekend. ;)