Monday, January 17, 2011

Too Many Shoes

There is a library book we loaned last week called, To Be a Kid. It runs an ethnic gamut of children, their colloquial dress, and their individual landscape from Nepal's brilliant textiles and rocky background to Pakistan's soft earth tones and long dirt roads. It was probably the first time my children could visually drink in so many different cultures in the span of five minutes.

In one picture, Grayson asked why the children didn't wear anything on their feet. I explained that not every child has things to wear on their feet. You could've blown him over with a shoelace. While studying our crowded shoe rack he said, "We are lucky to have more than we need." I sat quietly with his words in the air. I held his face with one hand and agreed. We are so very lucky to have more than we need. It is a good reminder.

Because of this book, his words, and my uplifted mood by reading so many wonderful stories of faith, love and hope on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, today I give thanks to be in a place where I always have more than I need. And sharing space with those who are beginning to get that too.

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