Monday, January 31, 2011

Sucret Diversion

Remember Sucrets? The throat lozenges? In that crafty little metal box where your grandmother stored stamps after all the lozenges were gone? Do they still make those? I must find out.

So yeah, I'm stalling. Not finishing Part Two of last post has been bothering me but apparently not enough to sit my hind end down and complete the task. And that should be okay but no. I agonize over the unimportant, obsess over the wee, and cannot move past anything in general. So, because I'm feeling a little unresolved about the whole thing, here's some bullets to tie a nice red bow on Nature is a Mother - Day Two.

  • Power stayed off for about19 hrs - all night and almost into the next evening
  • It did get cold but not see-your-breath-we-will-die-without-peanut-butter cold
  • Sleeping bags came in handy for all; mostly Sadie
  • Pop MacGyvered a heat source (and more importantly hot tea) with our Coleman camping stove in the a.m.

  • Toasted a piece of bread over Coleman stove with meat fork just for effect. Don't think anybody ate it
  • Know I spelled MacGyver wrong
  • Never learned that "effect vs. affect" rule either
  • Dug up wet soggy slurpy snow with anvil - I mean shovel (old, solid & heavy as sin dipped in iron)
  • Promptly made reservations the next afternoon @ local hotel that takes dogs, shivering Betta fish, and harried parents more for continental breakfast and fresh linen than life saving measures
  • Joined neighbor-friends in their living room for great food, cheese (listed separately...suspicious of its current status as food), of course vino, great company, and warmth from their fireplace *Must add she let me wear her warm woolen socks for 2 hrs. because mine were soaked. Odd thing to return when all done so we're like bloodsisters now or something fantastic I'm sure
  • Celebrated when power came back on @ 3pm. Thawed Perdue chicken would live to see crock pot afterall
  • Did not have to break down dining room table set for firewood either
  • Gloomily canceled reservation for hotel room with much of my own disappointed reservation
  • Had compulsory response to entire event and bought, unloaded (and stacked haphazardly) 100 pieces of wood like we suddenly live on a ranch in Oklahoma and not the suburbs of Virginia

  • Bought large kerosene heater because in retrospect, Damn it was cold!
  • Had large propane bottle refilled because... hot dogs!
  • Bought and thought I could carry 2 Duraflame boxes weighing in at one elephant and one point five large pregnant peacock(s)
  • Went on one hour long sojourn for kerosene
  • Got my latent Girl Scout badge for readiness
So yeah. It was a long couple of days and let me tell you how tired me and my personal ninjas were after it was all said and done. If we lived in the Wild West, we would've climbed into our teepees and had a good long smoke about it. But instead, Pop crocked dinner. Nam won the hearts of two small children and I hauled more wood in one day than my husband can make a dirty joke about in a lifetime. Or maybe. Or probably I'm wrong. He's got a lot of wood jokes, you guys.

Thanks for reading. You suffered through so here's a pic of something cute:

(I'm their mother, of course I think they're cute.)

Something funny:

(I'm her mother, of course I think she's funny.)

Something peanut butter:

(I'm a mother, those are not my spoons.)


pajama mom said...

tell your hub he can borrow some jokes from my hub if he ever runs out. i have this feeling they would get along famously.

2000 miles of storm, and we got nothing. i guess that's good.

p.s. could you sub an altoid tin?

Anonymous said...

someday we will laugh about all this . . . . you, too. . . .not just yet! :)

One Sided Momma said...

pj - maybe the hubs could start their own blog - Lumberjacking? did you narrowly escape the last snow like we did? by the skin of our teeth, we did. and yes, i completely forgot about altoid tins :)

nams - i'm ready to laugh about it all today because we have wood...lots and lots of wood :)