Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dinosaur Food

We have a pretty good night time routine going now that the children aren't downing Tylenol like apple juice around here. There are a few consistent rituals like after dinner dance off and/or letting them run amok while I finish up cleaning kitchen, then living room Night Owl time, followed by bath, jammies, teeth brushing, story time and snugglefest. It's fair to say we all look forward to the snuggling the most.

Then Grayson and I tuck Abby in her big girl bed. He likes to stand and rock back and forth like a peg-legged pirate while I rock Abby in the rocking chair. This goes on for 10 minutes or so. Then it comes time to tuck Grayson in. This is when I have my last cup of coffee for the night because I know I'm about to need it.

Grayson: Mommy? Can we talk about a few things?
Me: Yes. But let's keep it to just three tonight, okay?
Grayson: -BIG sigh- okayyy.
Me: Okay, what's number one?
Grayson: Ummm...where come...........what's inside.... curtains?
Me: Fibers. Cotton. Something called nylon.
Grayson: Cotton like the cotton candy we had at the dolphin show that one time it was pink and blue and reeeaaallly sticky?
Me: Yes. Exactly like that except not candy and less sticky. What else you got?
Grayson: dinosaurs eat meat?
Me: Yes. Some sure do.
Grayson: (Quietly considering that response)
Grayson: Do people have meat inside them?
Me (finally cluing in to where this is going) Yes but not really. Not the kind of meat dinosaurs like. People taste very yucky.
Grayson: Like lasagna?
Me: (trying to forget that I made homemade lasagna tonight) More like rotten lasagna and very old eggs. Dinosaurs don't like to eat people. Most of them are herbivores: they eat plants and flowers and berries.
Grayson: (thoughtful)
Grayson: MOMMY! We had blueberries with dinner tonight!
Me: Yes. But you only had four.
Grayson: Right. And I spit out two when you weren't looking.
Me: Goodnight Dino Dan.
Grayson: Goodnight Lasagna Mommy


Monica said...

That's my favorite. I can't believe he actually told you he spit two out! It's great. Perhaps he can have cotton tastier than curtains at another dolphin show soon :) Here's hoping for healthy people.

JRitz said...

Love that he actually asks if you can talk about a few things:) So cute. Also, love the new front picture.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Dino story. Wonder where the two "spewted" blueberries are...:) <3 <3

One Sided Momma said...

monica - love the honest phase before fabrications take over. and yes, here's very much hoping for healthy people to take in a show w/you all.

jrtiz - yes, it's good to get warning and a large cuppa hjoe. ppy u like the new pic; impossible to catch them still anymore.

a-mom - too bad sadie doesn't eat fruit. :)