Sunday, January 2, 2011


So today my husband and I got into our first Skype scuffle. It was nothing really. Typical marital fodder or else I'd anguish about it here and embellish accordingly. This little row was well overdue because honestly, we were starting to make me a little bit sick. We had been getting along like teenagers in heat. Nobody faltered in their quest to woo even one iota. I passed him notes in French class and he met me at the water fountain before lunch. We were in l-u-v. So, now? We're finally normal; back to ourselves. The fragility of him being several countries over is gone. And I, for one, am more than glad to have it this way. We can still sneak off behind the gym bleachers to snuggle when need be but nobody has to take a Dramamine.

Before the fight, it felt like an endless first date. Both of us trying to be someone else. Pretending to be permanently "doing great!" - me: spouse and remaining superhero parent for our children who always has her sh*t together, eternally happy, kinda witty, super nurturing, and ultimately interesting while also having kept hair and video friendly facial expressions. Boy oh boy, that last one was a doozy the closer to midnight - US time -it became. And him: dealing well with separation from his family, succint, flirtatious, and military officious with a side of "meow."
(* Sometimes we only instant message each other - no video- if it's quite late because I'm too beat to find a hair brush, foundation, or okay I'll say it, a bra. And he's probably in a room full of exotic women with saris who can keep very quiet when required to do so.)

So yes, we had a fight. It's fine and we're completely over it. Figured it all out in approximately 7 minutes and 30 seconds which is about 4 days shorter than our usual turbulent duration for serious disagreements. Five days if I'm "moody" and mainlining peppermint patties. It is good to be free. It is good to be braless at midnight.

Happy New Year to you all and may you feel free to be yourself, no matter who is watching.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how yummy that last entry looks :) Who is reading with that staring you full in the face! Recipe please.... <3 <3

Crystal D said...

Yep, sounds pretty normal to me. ;-) Isn't it odd that a fight can be oddly comforting? I think that is the sign of a good marriage. :)

And on another note... I don't eat chicken, but WOW does that soup look good.


One Sided Momma said...

anony- will FW recipe your way soon.

crystal - i think you're right...sign of a good marriage and a healthy respect for boring :)

believe it or not, i considered not putting up soup pic b/c i remembered you didn't eat meat and didn't want to make you heave if you checked in here! glad it didn't go that route.

Crystal D said...

LOL, I love all food pictures... unless it's maybe raw chicken or a fish head. I even like the smell of most meat cooking... it is just putting it in my mouth that is the problem. I'm weird.