Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi again. Figured I'd ask my favorite readers what you guys think of the overhaul here on One-Sided Momma. I know, I know, I am all over the map lately with design, backgrounds, font colors, etc. that you probably need a Dramamine before you click your way here but hopefully this one will stick for a while. I added some tabs (after title and title pic but before actual postings) for a little more meat to these small potatoes. Be sure those will change as I'm still figuring out what is most instrumental in being authentic to myself and on this blog. Afterall, if I can't do that here then you'd expect me to go out, attend playdates and make human to human contact with strangers, wouldn't you?

Anyway, feel free to leave comments anonymously if you hate the renovation, love it, like it, or didn't even notice it. I promise to have on my big girl pants when I read your comments. And a big bag of honey mustard pretzels but that was a given.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


pajama mom said...

one vote for love it.

Andy said...

I dig it! I stole your tabs idea too :)

JRitz said...

Looks great!

One Sided Momma said...

thank you very much anonymoose, andy, and jritz for your feedback. i appreciate it very much!

DJ Pecor said...

Uhhh... I don't like the password thingy. ;)