Monday, December 28, 2009

White Elephants and Black Ice

and where do I even begin?

Thank you, first of all, for coming back to this lonesome little blog. It's been a few days and hopefully you forgive me for not updating recently. We've been so fortunate to have lots of family in from out of town starting on Christmas day and the dust is just now settling from all the excitement. Hopefully things have been just as frenetic for you but in the best way.

So- let's just start with the insanity that was yesterday. In case it's not abundantly clear through the many pictures of various uncles, aunts, and grandparents on here, we have an extremely diverse family - this is to say we have an abundance of relationships with step parents, half siblings, step siblings, etc. - in fact, I think the best result of multiple divorces (on both sides) is the retaining of so many new family members.

Yesterday we got the step-siblings on my dad's side together for the first time in a long while. There are six of us together (10 when you count spouses) which makes for a super fun modern day Brady Bunch vibe, minus an Alice. The siblings reunited under one roof (this one) with children in tow. The children numbered seven with ages ranging between 12 and one. Once the festivities were underway, it was nothing shy of Disneyland. There was a flurry of commotion in every corner of the house, both inside and out. There was enough kiddie eye candy to spark interest (visitors) and possessiveness (home team) for hours on end. My husband outdid himself with the menu the night before so everyone was happily grazing while I was just as happily pouring the mommies glass after glass of white "grape juice." We were all happy, mellow, and sensory overloaded. Parties like this don't come around for me every day so I did what I could to not become catatonic. The wine helped.

Flashback to two hours prior to everyone arriving:

Husband, Grayson and Sadie set out for a walk. No sooner did they reach the end of the driveway did I hear a sound that no wife ever wants to hear. It was my husband's uneven voice, about an octave lower than normal, returning to the garage with three year old in his arms, saying, "Are you okay, Grayson? Grayson, are you okaayyy?". Not good. REALLY not good. My body opened the door before my brain registered what the hell was going on. I knew for sure I was going to look down and see the bloodied version of my little boy with perhaps a nose gone sideways or a Frankenstein eyebrow split wide open. What I saw was a dazed and confused face with barely a scratch. I couldn't understand why the husband was beside himself until I heard him say Grayson hit his head.

"It's okay," I reassured him. "He's conscious, he's talking, he's alert."
"No, Honey, he hit his head HARD on the driveway. From my shoulders. I slipped on ice and didn't break his fall. His head hit first."

The trembling transferred from my husband's body to my own and I levitated upstairs with a limp Grayson in my arms. I found my boots, threw them on in milliseconds and somehow managed to arrive back downstairs with Grayson still in my arms to announce we were on our way to the ER. Grayson was growing more and more dusky colored and less and less talkative. I have never been so scared in all my life.

Maybe seven minutes later we arrive at the ER and I drop off the still shaken husband and the now noodly toddler (who is becoming increasingly and alarmingly groggy) at the front entrance while I park in what felt like Arkansas. You never saw a chubby girl run so fast in all your life. In her pajamas. Clutching her son's little puffy jacket with her own bootstraps still untied.

When I met them at the front desk, Grayson's face had lost so much pinkness and gained a sickly sage that I put the fear of a panicked mother into the man at the front desk. We told him we had a sick child with a head injury. Then I leaned in to him and said, "He's not doing well right now, please get him back there quickly." That lovely register man picked up his magic phone and got a nurse to our side in seconds. She ushered us toward the pediatric unit....(to be continued tonight- gotta go serve a house full of family their dinner.)

**** cliffhanger spoiler (he's doing fine and we are not still in the hospital- Thank you God and Christmas Angels alike ******

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