Friday, December 11, 2009

For Her

My Abby
My Lovely
My Calamity Jane
My reason for wanting to dance in the rain.

You came to us 12 months ago now
with a couple of pushes and a

I held you all night
and then the next day
I shared you with Daddy
saw his wall fall away.

You brightened the moon
with your sweet silky hair
that matched your pink face
so flawless, so fair.

We brought you home
and things went to sh*t
You cried to the heavens
to put you back in-
this cruel world was not
swooshy, not cozy, not loud
enough for your liking
we considered a shroud:

"Is she mad?"
"Is she hungry?"
"Is she lonesome at night?"
"Here's a lovey, a boobie, a turtle night lite."
It was colic we found
~whatever that meant~
you liked rigorous rocking
like a freaking mosh pit.

A year later we're here
We're still taking you in
You're the one we soak up
like the sun on our skin.
Each time I hold you
I want seventeen more
Each time I kiss you
I fall through the floor.

Your brother, your hero,
the love in your eyes.
Your Daddy, your "Shoulder,"
his vociferous sighs.
And to think we once were
just a family of three
like no star on a tree.

And now we're all done
We're right angles,
We're squared.
We're exquisite with you,
Our little elfin fair-haired.

You're the one who crashes
face first into hearts
the one with no fear
the one who will start
from this birthday forward
to become and to be
the loveliest thing to
ever crash into me.

I love you, my beautiful Abigail.
Always and forever,
Your momma


pajama mom said...

happy b-day ab!
must. have. tutu.

Tracy G said...

Happy birthday baby girl!!!

JRitz said...

That was amazing!! It should be published somewhere.

Love the tutu!

One Sided Momma said...

pj, tracy, and jritz- thank you very much for abby's bday wishes. the tutu made an appearance for her bday soiree so i'm sure i'll break down and post more pics of her in it soon :) thanks again, ladies!

and jritz- you are too kind. it wouldn't make it past the editors with talk of boobies and holymotherfulcows. :)