Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yikes, this can't be good.

Background Story:

2 o'clock in the afternoon on December 23rd.
Little Knight and Mommy sword fighting.
During battle, Little Knight bruises bananas out of Mommy's right thumb.
Mommy rushes toward him in mock attack.
To avoid Scary Is-She-Serious-or-Kidding-I'm-Only-Three-for-God's-Sakes-Mommy, Little Knight swerves hard to the right.
Mid-swerve, Little Knight's sword snags Christmas stocking.
Willow figurine loses footing and hits the deck.
Two heads pop off and roll in opposite directions like they split amicably, worked out custody, and had a beer together afterward to celebrate.
Little Knight stands breathless.
He thinks ScaryMommy is going to lose her mind.
To his surprise and happiment, ScaryMommy instead retrieves severed heads, briefly investigates crime scene and realizes it is much worse than she originally anticipated.

Plastic. Molded, cheap, fleshy colored plastic on the inside. The horror.

Such a disappointment. With a name like Willow Tree, you (yeah you Susan Lordi designer Lady) ought to be ashamed.

So we left the gruesome twosome and went upstairs to make chocolate chip cookies. Seemed like the only thing left to do. And we ate most of them. You know, to make the pictures in our mind go away.


pajama mom said...

laughing. sorry. :)

this happened to our precious moments wedding cake topper - just the groom's head - hmmm. and our snow babies ice skating couple - just the legs?

our little knight wasn't the culprit though - it was the clumsy king on both counts.

One Sided Momma said...

cake topper - groom's head - yes, that is quite suspect...

ice skating couple's legs: perhaps you and your King should steer clear of skating rinks and icy ponds...just for a few years until the curse is null and void. : )