Friday, December 18, 2009

Rumor Has it

Snow! And lots of it. So I'm off to do what the rest of the believe-the-hype people are doing today: stand in line at some overcrowded market for bread, milk, diapers, dog food and 14 days' worth of Gummy Bears. Hey, if I'm trapped at home with a pin ball toddler for a few days I'm going to need some ammo.


pajama mom said...

oooh, i hope we get some too.
snow - and gummies.
stay warm!

One Sided Momma said...

big storm (or so Giant will have us believe) so hope you're stocked up in the bribery candy dept. too. :) happy snowman making to you and yours.

Tracy G said...

Note: Bribery candy (main ingredient = SUGAR), might not be the answer to a pin ball kiddo. :-)
Brian was just checking the weather and informed me, "they're looking at 12 feet of snow where you used to live...". Have fun!