Thursday, January 3, 2013


The calendar says January 2013.

Two thousand and thirteen??

It always takes a bit to settle in to the new numbers. Those calendar proclamations of fresh months, wide open days that keep spilling into the next. How does one begin again? 

There is always so much promise that I close my eyes, consider the possibilities and move forward without resolutions to do better, be better, or change.  So much pressure can make a head like mine (like yours too?) go boom.

Let's not go boom.  We have lots more to be about.

So, here we are, back to a regular schedule but my mind is still swimming in memories that are barely five days old.


Since last post, we drove to Disney World for a week.

 (Right out of Disney Gate:  Salty and tired.  Everyone cheers up later.)


We spent Christmas in South Carolina with my dad, MiMi and my brother, Alex.

Sparrow got pretty good at the doggy door. If not a little indecisive at times.

 Grayson got introduced to Wii and promptly burned 16,000 boxing, bowling, and playing tennis.

We drove back home to our first snow, and had a quick love affair with our hotel's morning "Bacon Bar" in between.

Good Lord, I have so much to tell you. I have so much to tell you, in fact, that I will start at the end. I want to let you know I plan to talk less in detail about my family on this blog.  If you come here for updates on the children or my husband then you might be disappointed in future posts.  They will still be here, but not in so much detail.  I will leave their stories up to them to tell one day.  Once we move, I will keep our lives anonymous online. 

So as of next post, we will begin to go underground. Which is to say I don't want this blog to follow/haunt my dear children or loving husband who have been pranced in front of an audience of hundreds twenties for four years now. They deserve privacy, modesty, and all the things I've robbed them of since starting this blog.

All of them are of an age where the stories I write or the pictures I publish could be embarrassing to them, no matter how discrete or tasteful I try to be. At the very least, it is starting to feel wrong publishing public material about the people I want to protect the most.

Before we go underground, however, a final update:

 Grayson is doing well. We are getting answers for his migraines and resolving other concerns with the help of doctors and his teachers. His last bad headache happened at Disney. 

I began to worry when Andy reminded me that it was going on 11:30pm (Electrical Parade late start), we had run the kids around like crazy for three days so the boy was most likely just exhausted.

 (He was.  He and his little sister fell asleep in our laps on the monorail ride home.)


  A kid favorite:  A Bug's Life Playground.  They spent almost two hours here climbing, sliding, and sweating their patooties off.

Abby is still our sparkly little sprite: spinning, twirling and demanding much of the world around her but with more pleases, thank yous, and an earnest desire to put her own laundry away for a sticker on her chore chart.

Both kids have completely lost all semblance of civility at this point.  Grayson wanted to strip himself of clothing in the middle of a light show and Abby wanted to DANCE!

(There was a lot of dancing, actually.)


After waiting in line for an hour (yes, an hour, I couldn't believe I was doing that either.) to see Tinkerbell, look who just about passed out when she got to meet Perriwinkle?

If the trip stopped here, Abby would've been just fine.  Actually, me too.  This made my world, to see my little go so excited to meet a "real life" fairy!
Queen Sadie still (and forever) rules the roost of our hearts and our home. She went to Nam&Pop camp while we were gone which was amazing for her. She loves going to camp. For us though, I must say Christmas was less Christmas-sy without her. 

Sparrow is a delicious piece of black licorice dog that talks to us with her dog voice that is becoming more human by the day.   She says, "I know," when you tell her she's a good girl. 

 Reunited after Disney.  Not sure who missed who more.

Andy has been an absolute dreamy specimen while away from C&S school, work, stress, USMC life in general. He and Grayson experienced the "Disney High" together while Abby and I zombied around like two wet blankets looking for a place to dry out in the sun. The long, long lines and "scary" Ursulas ensured we stopped to snack often and plenty.

Slowing things down on the beautiful carousel.

The days were long, the nights were short.

 (Even for the adults.)

I have tons more Disney pics to post so will have to do another slideshow tomorrow. 

To wrap things up for this post, however, we do not know where we are moving to this summer but Andy was selected for promotion which will make him a Lt. Colonel and the rest of us a military family for at least another 6 or 7 years.

 After that, it's all about finding a place to make roots. Hopefully farm roots. With lots and lots of big blue sky to sleep under at night.

Thanks for coming back to One-Sided Momma.  I will continue to write here but definitely keep my family's privacy in mind from today forward.  It's what I should've been doing all along.

Happy January 2013, as ridiculous as it might feel now.

May we all begin to settle in soon.


ries said...

I'll sure miss hearing about your kiddles, but look forward to reading the next chapters.

The Palmer Family said...

Miss you! Can't wait to catch up with you some time soon.


OSMA said...

ries, i hope i can find things to talk about now. thank you for hanging in w/this blog. and with me.

my otttteeerrrr! i really miss you and look forward to our weekly catchup chat. got some good stuff to chew your ear about. ;)

JRitz said...

Will miss the stories but understand the reasoning. Congrats to the hubby, that is amazing!! Good luck with the next move.

And as always, the pictures were great.