Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Room at the Inn

Abby needed a new bed yesterday so we went, after school, to shop for one.

Shopping for a new bed is a lot more fun than I remember in the past.

I'm also pining for sleep a lot more now than I once was so those two are probably related.

After rolling around on twenty-one naked mattress tops, Abby chose one with teddy bear faces quilted all over it.  Good  marketing, Mattress People. 

Good mattress, too.  It is a memory foam delicious specimen of sweet pillowy goodness.

 I happen to know first-hand:

So do Sadie, Sparrow, and seventeen of Abby's closest stuffed allies.

Should've bought a locking doorknob instead.

Does anyone else wonder how I slept 8 cm away from dog foot?


Anna See said...

Ahhh... musical beds!

OSMA said...

I *might* have allowed the memory foam as much for me as for her ;)