Thursday, January 10, 2013

Her Royalness

Today is a very special day.  You may have seen in the news.

It's The Queen's birthday.

 Sadie Maria

We were introduced to her majesty when she was one so have been amongst royalty for ten years.

 2003:  We all look like babies!

 (Taken days after she was entrusted to us.  We had just moved back into my childhood home.)

The Queen turns eleven today.

And now, if you'll excuse me.  I have a gourmet lemon cake to bake. The Queen prefers lemons at her party.

It's going to be a surprise party.

My friend Julie asked if Andy was going to stroll her around the neighborhood while we set up the red carpet.

Yes, I believe that might be the only way to pull this off because me thinks her highness suspects something...

..and isn't happy about all the fuss.

Stay tuned for paparazzi (puparazzi?  boo, hiss, find a real job, blogger girl).


Lynn said...

She is indeed, royally gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's been a decade; seems like just yesterday. She looks just as good today as she did back then. Now, satisfy my curiosity - how did you determine Jan. 10th was her birthday?

Give her a big hug for us and send more pics & videos if you have them.


OSMA said...

Thank you so much, Lynn. :)

Gary, we determined her bday by looking back at old vet papers. I can't remember exactly but I might have arbitrarily chosen the 10th as the day to celebrate.