Friday, July 6, 2012

Surprise Concert

Around 5:00pm last night, I got lucky.  Super duper very happy lucky.

Before Andy got home from work, I was tooling around in the kitchen not cooking dinner and hit Facebook for adult company.  There, I came across an impromptu ticket giveaway to a concert happening that night.  All I had to do was be the first to respond by commenting.  The concert was for none other than SARAH McLACHLAN so you know I responded faster than I could hyperventilate about the possibility of seeing her in concert an hour later.

Guess what, you guys?

I won!  I was the first to respond with "ME, ME!" so minutes later, Wired Momma made good on her promise and our little family of four hopped in the minivan with a cooler of things, a bag of things, and one extremely pumped up mom still in her workout bra.

An hour later we arrived at Merriweather and slid right past the long line of people waiting with tickets.  We strode through Will Call and into the Pavilion like backstage rodies.  It was awesome.  Couldn't have gone any smoother. Abby rode shotgun on my back, Grayson stood eying soft pretzels with Andy who had already purchased a tall beer.

It was about to be a night to remember.

Oh you guys, the sky was soft with pink and blue edges.  There was a breeze that lifted Abby's fairy wings and never let them down until dark.  Sarah's voice coursed through the people swaying back and forth including my own as I spun with Abby in a gazebo that stood just for her to have a stage that night.

Abby never stopped dancing.

All was right with our world.

Thank you so much, Wired Momma and dear original winner, who could not be there either.  We did you proud.  You'll never know how much this little family of four appreciated a night of much needed spontaneity ushered in by the most beautiful siren imaginable. Sarah McLachlan once again healed what ails and now, as good post Lilith-Fair parents, we've passed along her healing powers to the next generation who have already asked when they can go see her again.

Here's our night in YouTube videos.  Eventually the dancy fairy calmed down but never once stopped singing to songs she thought she knew by heart.  Who knows, she did hear them all in utero so perhaps she does really know them all.

Oh, the best part?  During Angel, Abby reaches over to tell me that  "This pretty lady singing tried to save Tillie."

"What do you mean, tried to save Tillie?"  I asked terribly curious and totally a little freaked out.

"Listen to her words, Mommy.  She just said she does not want anything hurt."

*It was a night unexpected and a memory to treasure always.

Now, the YouTubes...

Abby spins: 
She Was So Tired But She Couln't Sleep: 
Sarah harmonizing with Female Bandmate, Melissa
What Grayson and Andy Did All Night Long, God Bless Them
She Can Still Hit Every High Note 
Ready for Ice Cream?  Last Song Before Encore


ries said...

Hurray for spontaneity!

ries said...


DawnGes said...

Wow--LOVE that you won! Congrats! I danced vicariously through you, or maybe I danced with you and your family all night long...:)

OSMA said...

ries - :) it doesn't happen often but when it does, the skies align and sarah sings.

DawnGes - thank you! abby felt you dancing with her because she knew i couldn't keep up without your help! :)

OSMA said...

*ries - skies align? oops, stars maybe? no. no, i like skies.

Deborah said...

I'm just reading bits of your blog after arriving via a link (can't even remember which one!)
I just wanted to say I am totally green eyed at the thought of seeing Sarah in concert.However when I hear her sing, she heals a bruised and battered soul.
I hope she helped to heal yours too.