Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Brave World

I just applied for a freelance writing job.

Worked on my response for five hours.  One email, five hours.  That's a lot of spell-checking, clicking and hyperlinking, you guys.

And then, finally when it was all set up perfectly and I thought it represented exactly who I am as their future star empoyee, I pressed SEND!

Then, I went to read it in my own inbox.

It looked like this.  The whole thing.  In tiny little print all over the page in a sloppy incoherent version of what I thought I sent. Can you even see this?  No,  not really?  I'm guessing NEITHER CAN THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HIRING either.

Good job, Beavis.

Now, I wait for my polite and tactful rejection letter.

Until then, I will sharpen my email skills to get ready for the next job opportunity.  Starting with trying to figure out why my font size and spacing sabotaged me this morning.  Maybe it's Sadie underneath my computer trying to tell me she needs more time swimming in the stream and less time staring at Mommy's socked feet.

Good Goodness, you guys.  At least I got one big toe in the Big Brave World.  Next time, I'm going in up to my entire ankle sock.  Eventually, it will work out or else I can go back to making money by stealing it from Grayson's piggy back.  It's only fair because I caught him stealing it from Andy's plastic jar of change.

I'll call it renewable energy.  Family Recycling.  Green & Borrowed Living.

Or maybe I will just get out of these ankle socks and make an unforgettable summer with these kids.  They can help me navigate the Big Brave World in our bare feet.  No shoes required in this job description!


DawnGes said...

A job in barefeet sounds delicious! one step-at-a-time, right? But funky fonts really mess things up!

Andrea said...

You really are my twin. I do things like spend five hours on an email and then after I hit send, realize that I wrote something like "Thanks you for this great opportunity." Good luck on future non-sabotaged email endeavors.

OSMA said...

DawnGes - One step, I have to remember that. I keep trying to hop, gallop, and sprint. Not a good plan at all.

Andrea - I'm sorry you have tanked this way too but it does help to hear I'm not the only one doing things like this. Sometimes I feel like neutral is my station in life. Maybe our email is a good place to stay away from when applying to jobs? I miss pens.