Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is It Fall Yet?

Right now there is a wasp trapped underneath Sadie's dog bed.  My shoes didn't seem big enough to do the job.  In one fell mom maneuver, I threw the dog bed over it and now the poor thing is probably boring a hole through the carpeting, sending bee signals to the others, readying an army of wasp jets to launch a serious retaliation strike on my face. 

Serves me right.  Suffocation by dog bed can't be a good way to go.  I'm actually hoping it doesn't die.  Just kind of snuggles up until Andy gets home.

Sometimes the end of the summer feels like being suffocated under a dog bed, doesn't it?  Everyone has had enough unstructured fun time (except Grayson) and the minutes ahead make us feel inept, overwhelmed, and plain Jane wooped. 

The only answer for me is to put myself on healthy restriction and eat well, sleep often, and carve out time without children to worry over.

With that in mind, the kitchen timer is set and the kids have to "find/make/endure a self-directed activity for 30 minutes.  So far, so good.  Abby has enlisted Grayson and they are, of course, throwing another birthday party for Abby Doots.  "She is turning a hundred-teen!"

I'm guessing there will be a request for cake. 

Cake we can do.

Maybe it will rain and we can blow out candles under umbrellas and in our best party shoes.

Is it fall yet?

I can almost hear the sweatshirts and pumpkin patches calling our name.


Anna See said...

jack called august "the sunday of summer" because it was hard to really enjoy it b/c of what was right around the corner.

OSMA said...

One more reason to adore that boy of yours. Such a poet's perspective. "The Sunday of Summer," sums it up well. At our house we call Sunday our BluesFest because Andy has to go to work the next day. The kids want me to go back to work so he can stay home. That makes it unanimous. Damn Marine Corps won't let me in. :)