Monday, July 23, 2012

I'll Be There For You

Hi there.

We were on vacation last week in Ithaca, NY.  To a little cabin by a lake that we've been visiting for six years now.  My in-laws discovered it years ago and we have been taking ourselves (B.C: Before Chicken Fingers) and after just about every summer.

I wanted to start this post with some much labored over pictures but in downloading them yesterday it seems that the SD card is damaged and all 908 images are gone forever.

I know.

My mouth went dry.  My heart beat outside my tank top.  I even felt a little dizzy.  Could I have really just lost all of my pictures from not only this vacation but the last few images ever of Tillie, the last day of the kids' preschool and after party too?

Yes.  Yes, that happened.

So I spoke in tongues, my house emptied of humans, and I did everything I could do, according to FB friends, a wonderful techie neighbor and her husband, and CardRecovery software I downloaded in a last ditch effort.

Nothing worked.  My jpgs have taken flight.

So, I took my own flight and went to bed at 6pm with a washcloth on my forehead (kidding) and without dinner (no joke, I hate dinner) and slept for 12 hours.. 

I dreamed beautiful dreams all night long and woke up embarrassed that losing my pictures of the last three months hit me so hard. 

Worse things can happen.  After seeing the news on Saturday about what took place in CO, worse things did happen and some pictures on a busted SD card is Minnie Mouse in a cold world of Decepticons and real-life Jokers.

I can tell you the vacation bubbled over for Grayson with fishing from the dock in our front yard.  It was rainbows and purple hair with Abby painting every rock and pebble on the shore.  The adults sipped Gin & Tonics during night time campfires with "Okay, maybe just one more" S'mores.  And so much more.

My favorite day was when everyone left to go sailing but me.  I demanded with furrowed brow volunteered to stay back with the canine crew, my Nikon (memmmorieees...), and a blanket from where I perched myself listening to the waves smacking lightly in the background and to things not needing me for hours on end in the foreground.

It was glorious.

My second favorite was when Andy and I escaped to a winery.  There are hundreds of wineries there.  (In Andy's retired life, we think we can grow grapes, have a farm, AND sheer alpaca.  We also like to think we won't be nearing 50 and more tired than we are now.)  

Then, in an act of jpg forgiveness, I found these pictures from that day on my other camera.  The smaller one we take when we don't think awesome things will happen. 

Oh, we also did laundry that day too because the Sadie likes to swim and then nap (on our bed).  But let me tell you, laundry is so much more fun in an empty laundromat straight out of the 60s with a cute little boutique right next door and a pizza parlor on the other side.

Sexy even.

 Bonk Chicka Wow Wow

Ok, maybe not sexy but more like reminiscent of that Friend's episode when Rachel and Ross spun each other around in those wheelie carts. 

 "Rachel?  Are you in there?"

 "Nope, I'm over heeeere, Ross."

 Two Front End Loaders are better than one.

 World's Largest Cheese Grater

 Before Lasik.


 My Mapman.  He's just so cute.

 Don't you just want one of these in your living room?

 One of these too.

This restaurant bar is called The Rongo (or properly The Rongovian Embassy to the USA- love it!) and was mysteriously unlocked with lights out, benches askew and not a soul around.  Almost like a power outage or burst water pipe.  Hope it works out okay.  They have great live music and let the kids ride around the restaurant on tricycles while everyone eats.  It's way more charming than it sounds.

Thank you for coming back to this land bereft of lake pictures like this (the only remaining survivor before the rest grew wings):

and kid close-ups like the ones still scrambled on a little chip for all of eternity.

Thanks for being here and thanks for reading.  I'm feeling better about things by the second.

Me and my bleeding hearts.

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