Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kyle Island

The only plan this weekend was to not have a plan.

I'd say that idea went awry the third hour into Saturday.

Without direction the children become WFC wrestlers;  our bed the ring.  One take down, reversal and Half Nelson later someone has a smashed nose and the other one (Abby) is pointing her elbow north.

So we took Gentle Giant and Princess Powerhouse on a hike.  When life gives you unruly children, you pack up the peanut butter sandwiches and walk their dogs off.


 Momma didn't mind the view one bit.


And as long as there were trees around, Grayson and Abby thought they'd be on them.


This looks like a little sketch of a mushroom on a piece of bark.  I have no idea what it is really so I'm going with elves.

Elves that live in these little Keebler houses.

Then we plopped a blanket down on the "beach" and enjoyed a very chilly lunch. Grayson found the letter "K" made of tree roots.  In case you're wondering, it was K for his friend Kyle and therefore penned our lunch destination, Kyle Island.

 (See the knotty K?) 


Others had a swim afterward.

I'd say we wore them out but the reality is they could've gone on well into sunset.

 (With one catnap and bouquet making between.)

This makes my husband, future Survivor contestant write-in, very proud.


Truth?  I wanted hot cocoa in the worst way but probably could've snuggled down on Sadie's blanket to watch them play on for a couple more hours.

It was a very nice day on Kyle Island.

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