Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beautiful December

December was a great month.  We were so busy from Abby's birthday forward that I haven't had time to sit down and write.  I miss you, my blog friends.  Maybe soon we can connect again through stories, comments and our immeasurable desire for a bottomless carafe of something spiked and warm to drink.

For now, as I try to catch up with unpacking suitcases and repacking ornaments we wait all year to see, I leave with you snapshots of our December.

I hope the end of your 2011 was filled with all things cozy, fun, and memorable too.

 Brother's Sweet Girlfriend and Brother, Matt.

Abby opening up a homemade blanket from Matt's Sweet Girlfriend.  She made another one for Grayson.  It took her hours to do both.  This fact alone made me cry on her shoulder for two minutes straight.  It was awkward at best but I think I love her as much as my brother does.

 Santa brought Grayson a box of pranks for Christmas.

Santa did not bring Sadie a new bed.
(She was borrowing this one from my mom's chihuahua.)

 Uncle Donnie and Uncle Alex spoil our kids completely rotten.  And they love every second of it.

 Daddy passing on his kitchen prowess.

Landon and Grayson beating the ever loving tar out of Spiderman.

Abby heals.

I made Eric sign The Tablecloth.  He of course  wrote in a perfect circle which made him both nauseous and dizzy for probably two hours following.

 But I scored a pic with these two handsome fellas after he signed his eyeballs off his face.

And yes, I do look just a little like my mom.

The one on the right is my Uncle Jimmy.  The one in the middle might have been photobombing.

And somewhere in between it all there was this delectable beauty.  Poor house only lasted minutes before two candy hungry mouths devoured her shingles.

Look! New Year's Eve fingernails!

Look!  Andy's got a new commuter vehicle.

SO much better than last year.

Abby bringing us tea at Nammy & Pop's house.

Tea Party Proper

Pop & me trying to talk the photographer down.

Rockin' New Year's Eve 2011 at Nam&Pop's.  Exactly what we could all handle.

Night Night Nammy.

Six nights and five days of us will do that to a person.

An extremely relaxed husband. 

An extremely puppified Sadie.
 A blue ribbon on top of our Christmas tree for Anna's Jack.   

"Peace on earth, good will toward men."

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