Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eye Can't Believe It

Apparently we are a house of slow blinkers.

He and Andy are in an Urgent Care right now seeing about a scratched cornea.

I wish I were kidding.

He is doing fine.  Just can't move his eyeball or else seering hellfire bumblebee stings make him curl up into the fetal position.  I remember that feeling all too well.  If you've ever scratched your actual eyeball then your toes just curled at the mention too. 

It happened last night.  Grayson wasn't tired so was playing around in his room but happily so.  He must've primed a plastic popper thingie (imagine half a rubber ball with no center) and then peered down on it to check its popping status.

Status ready.

Only things went awry and the thing popped up right into his face.  His scream let both Andy and me know he wasn't joking.  Seconds later out scuttled a freaked out Grayson clutching at his eye like an injured matey..

Ahoy vey.

Needless to say his parentals did what they always do.  Andy paced back and forth while manically crunching on the rest of his bedtime snack.  I Googled my ass off trying to find an open Urgent Care so as not to subject anyone to the ER.

One warm washcloth and three pep talks later, he was asleep in our bed.  We thought maybe we dodged a bullet and it was a near miss afterall.

Until he woke up this morning.  More hellfire and angry bumblebees.  Poor thing.

They should be in the waiting room now.  I'll give you an update later.

Grayson strongly recommended McDonald's pancakes on his way to the Urgent Care so I'm pretty sure our winky pirate is going to be okay.

Sticky with syrup but okay.

*Update:  Grayson is okay!  Our mighty Popeye does not have a scratch on his eyeball.  The doctor said it looked good and probably had a little one that healed overnight.  Andy said the drops they gave him in the ER made him buck like a bronco but took the sting off and he is now happily munching on pancakes on his way home.



JRitz said...

Glad everyone is ok. And I often find McDonalds pancakes will cure a lot of ailments:)

Julie, an official blogger... said...

I have such an eyeball phobia, I could barely read this...
glad he is ok. xo

J Lo said...

So glad he's ok. Hope you have recovered too. And I didn't even know that McD's did pancakes.

OSMA said...

JRitz, Julie & JennyFromTheBlock: Thanks for your concern and sorry for talking eyeballs. I won't do it again anytime soon. PS, don't eat McD's hotcakes. They put some kind of expansion element in them thatbis used in metal industry. For real. So Ew.