Friday, October 14, 2011

Job Op

A good friend of mine is making and selling these necklaces on  She asked me to take the pictures for her site (not these shown here, still practice photos).  I am so honored that suddenly there is much procrastinating because my brain believes it must be perfect.

I've played with backgrounds, foregrounds, necklines, and natural lighting versus indoor flashes.

I've messed with the macro lens, manual vs. automatic functions, and finding the best angles to showcase her artistry.

You know what? 

I'm learning how to use my camera, you guys.  I feel so grateful to my friend for the opportunity and the chance to combine our efforts to help her new business grow.

Her necklaces are honestly one of a kind.  She is a gifted quilter who has branched out into designing and creating jewelry.  I love these necklaces (bought a pink one two weeks ago in fact!) because they dress up a T-shirt and make me feel like I'm wearing a piece of art instead of the usual cheap costume jewelry that breaks before I get it around the nape of my neck.

Happy Friday, All!  I'll provide the link to her site once we get the pictures and descriptions altogether.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  I know I will be spending mine in the sun room with about 20 of these little beauties and hopefully a babysitter or two. 

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