Monday, October 10, 2011

Grayson's 5 Birthday

Grayson's 5 Birthday, a set on Flickr.
Set One. Grayson's playdate was a success. He just wanted a few of his buddies to come play with him for his birthday so we called it a playdate and not so much a party.  We even sang Happy Birthday for all of his friends while Grayson hid somewhere inside the house until the horribly embarrassing melodic nightmare was over.

For his bday, he requested three things: A moonbounce, a remote control Transformer and a piniata. See if you can guess which one was left out? I don't think he noticed. I also don't think he ever stopped smiling. It was a glorious day and nobody lost an eye. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! We love you beyond the moon and back again twice.

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