Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The good thing about when your husband travels for work is that sometimes he gets to go to the beach.  And you and the kids get to go too if you're so inclined.

The bad part is that your husband doesn't actually get to go to the beach because he's stuck in a conference room there on business and the rest of those Marines in those Marine meetings wouldn't look kindly on him showing up to work in his swim trunks.

(Our room was on the third floor, second quad.)

So we did a lot of keeping busy without him, awaiting the 6:30o'clock whistle.

The sunsets were gorgeous.  I forget how much prettier things are when you are beyond city lights and noise pollution.

I also forgot about inflation.  Would you believe we paid $25.00 A PIECE for these airbrushed Tshirts?  I can remember them being maybe $10.00 when we were kids.  Wowza.  I chalked it up to enriching our lives by supporting the arts even though the boyman creating  these masterpieces was using blow dart techniques on a prewashed canvas of 100% cotton.  Honestly, it really was one of the most relaxing moments of our getaway.  I love to watch people do what they are best at and this manboy would certainly rival Kat Van D any day.

But have mercy, check out this sunrise.  Or sunset.  I don't remember.  It was all I could do to keep track of our room key.

I'm going with sunrise.

This moment? I do remember.  Abby had just awakened and dove on the couch to catch a quick video of something to do with Bears.  She wound up on my iPad moments later because bears do not hold a candle to Strawberry Shortcake (in Spanish) on Youtube.  Muy Beuno.

Even though this looks more like a surveillance video outside of the local park, it's a blurry night vision shot of Andy going flashlight crab searching with Grayson.  A few minutes later they were whisked inside by an unforeseen sandstorm that brought pelting rain and a disappointed 4 year old.

What's disappointing to one person is a hidden blessing for another.  This man was T-I-R-E-D.  What isn't pictured here is the box of Gobstoppers he snuck into the hotel room.  In the morning, Abby found his stash before we woke up and just about made her way (ever so sneaky silently) back to her room to hoard them.  I called her name before she got too far and she says, "I was going to bring them to Grayson, Mommy.  He wants candy for breakfast and not toast."

I'm so sure, you little sugar fiend. The sweet tooth doesn't fall far, little one, now please don't forget to floss.


Jritz said...

Looks like you had a great time. You all deserve it.

And as always, Miss Abby just makes me smile.

Holly said...

So glad you got a mini-vaca! You guys deserve it. Hopefully Andy got some relaxation.

OSMA said...

Thank you both, Jritz & Holly. The little getaway was an excellent change of scenery for us homebodies. It was the opposite of relaxing for the parents but at least the kids had tons of fun. Next time, we hire and bring a nanny!