Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sorry for all the crickets since our last meeting. I've decided to omit the two part posts from now on because apparently I avoid finishing them like it's my job. I'm quite dedicated to my job, aren't I? I should also probably never take up knitting. We'd have a truckload of pewter colored O rings around here. Somewhere a little yarn city of English Purl trucks needs me.

To wrap up the FB Philosophies post, I will say that I loved these quotes:
"Times of advancement are preceded by times of disorder. Success comes to those who can weather the storm."
"We must free ourselves of the hope that the seas will ever rest - we must learn to sail in high winds."

because I find them both very relevant and timely. For months I've been bullying through the days and sometimes entire weeks just to reach the Promised Land of Peace. Then, when we run aground on a little calm, I see it never lasts for more time than it takes to find the restroom. After so many months of bumping heavily into one another like drunken manatees instead of sweetly gliding together like seagulls in the wind, I can only assume we have hit the stormy part of life. Stormy as in active "weather" approaching and "weather" of course being Abigail and Grayson. Add to that our daily grind, socks that fit deprivation, and my inability to eat whilst sitting down and we're all about surviving in the high winds of change.

Which brings me to my next post within a post - Stand

During dinner my kids will sit for about 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Then they stand. Sometimes Grayson rocks his body back and forth like a scarecrow on meth. Most of the time Abby stands straight up in her chair wobbling on her blue booster seat like any second will result in a cool ER story to tell her future boyfriends. This has baffled me. I keep asking them to sit down. They do but like a turkey thermometer, they pop right back up seconds later. They don't play with stuff. They don't even really stop eating. They just want to stand.


Right. You got it before even finishing that paragraph. Wonder why it took me so long to catch on. They are doing what I do. I do not sit down while they eat dinner. I lean near the sink to refill mac'n'cheese, chip away at dishes, or de-skin an apple for preschool lunch. All the while standing during dinner. Modeling the behavior of not sitting has worked. They are quick studies and astute observers. Being excellent students has not been easy for them as their Headmaster constantly forces them to their seats for the first few agonizing minutes. Those minutes are long, sweaty and rebellious until they can free themselves and stand like the proper little mimes they are. A plus kiddos. F minus to you, Headmaster.

Next up, modeling alone time and independent play. Oh yeah. I'm already looking forward to writing those lesson plans. And tonight? I will sit during dinner, eat what is on the menu, and probably confuse the poor little schoolmates entirely.


DJ Pecor said...

And how did that go?

One Sided Momma said...

Actually, it's going in fits and spurts but it's going and that is all that matters, right? P.S. Have yet to draw out a Nanny 911 Master Plan but haven't forgotten about that idea.