Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Backhanded Compliment

Sometimes it's not about what you did right.

Sometimes it's about what you did not do wrong.

Today I celebrate all the things I did not do wrong over the last few days:
  • did not choose to surrender Sadie to PetSmart(after coming home to find trail of rainbow dogprints all over the entire house. Think Dennis the Menace and mud but with four feet and finger paint.)
  • did not choose to auction off daughter on Ebay (after she woke me up three times last night because she was a) sooo thirsty b) not tired anymore c) wondering where her pig was)
  • did not cry when I missed my husband's Valentine's Day phone call by three minutes
  • did not show up late to a dinner date with my Otter
  • did not throw a tantrum about children giving up afternoon naps
  • did not give up my own free time as a result
  • did not just ask what that horrible noise was because the non nappers are entertaining themselves during newly instituted "leave Mommy the @*& alone time"
  • did not teach anyone new bad words this week (a personal lofty goal)
  • did not go down the shoe aisle today in Target
  • did not stop by McD's or Starbucks on the way home for a venti cup of steamy foamy empty calories
  • did not put the laundry away yet (because the basket works as well as their dresser)
  • did not crush the huge cardboard box for recycling (because it makes an awesome Bat cave)
  • did not forget to clean Snapper's tank
  • did not forget Sadie's Heartguard and Frontline
  • did not go to Panera Bread more than once this week
  • did not stay up until 2am dorking around online or watching TV
  • did not teach anyone how to read, tie their shoe, use the potty, or write their name BUT....
  • did not have to take anyone to the pharmacy, doctor or Emergency Room so all in all it's been a banner week of parenting if I don't forget what I did not do.


Anonymous said...

great blog! :) We should all concentrate on what we did NOT do more often!!!

JRitz said...

Now that is some positive thinking! And as always, love the way you write. Between this and the Circus Wordless Wednesday pictures, my bad morning has just gotten a little better.

Crystal D said...

Awesome post. You are such an fantastic, strong, smart lady.

*the basket does work as well as a dresser
*shoe tying is overrated. Hello, it is almost flip flop season.
*missed Valentine's call, that just sucks. I hope you got extra time yesterday.


pajama mom said...

no naps stink.
i'm having flashbacks just thinking about it.
"leave mommy the &%*^ alone time" is really nice though, no?

carry on.