Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holy Wednesday Batman

Wow. Today was just one of those days that left me feeling stupid by the end of it. You know that jostled about and banged up feeling you sometimes (all the time) get at night? Well today I tapped out twice - once at 2pm and then again at 4pm and still the day stomped on my ribcage until I snorted for air.

Yes, there are lots of things happening and happening all at once (pardon the vague) but none of it is entirely insurmountable. Just stuff we'll figure out, get through, get past. You know, stuff that feels big and scary at first but loses its venom a few weeks later.

But today? I am an old tattered, shredded, gnawed on, wrinkly, chewed up bag of bacon strips left in the middle of the kitchen floor.

(Yes, Sadie still infiltrates the pantry when we leave her at home.)

I think the real issue here is why do I still buy the bacon strips?


Jritz said...

Just remember your not alone. And the standing offer of "if you need anything" just call is still there.

And of course you continue to buy bacon bits because how can you resist that face:)

One Sided Momma said...

watch out, jritz...i just might track u down. :)