Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day at The Jimmys

Most of you already know I grew up lucky. I was lucky to have lots of people around who were brilliantly hysterical, seriously sappy, horribly hardworking, and steelingly steadfast (annoying alliterations end here). One of those people in particular is my Uncle Jimmy. I pretty much idolized him while growing up. If he stopped eating meat, I cursed hot dogs. If he strapped on his running shoes, I'd clamor for a pair of Nikes. If he joined PETA, I became an animal advocate and gave speeches in my English class about why we need to buy products tested on humans only (This last one stuck, I still feel we should aim to test only on humans and/or other technology. Just because we're bigger doesn't mean we get to hurt the things that are smaller.)

As a young girl with a Star Wars T-shirt and big buck teeth, I would follow him around the house and make up reasons to be wherever he was. Later, as a teenager I would shadow him at work and be impressed with his people skills. Finally, as a married person with a family of her own, I admire him for being one of the busiest and beloved dads around yet still making time for me and my family on Labor Day weekend.

It was great to have the families merge again. I try to pretend we'll live within an hour of my family every time I see them because our short timer's truth gives me a lump in my throat every time.

For now, however, I take pictures, replay the day and enjoy.

The uber-lovely Aunt Mary who happens to look 15 years younger than me. Seriously, she has the bod of an 18 year old, the face of a supermodel and is totally a rad mom of three beautiful kids.

Here is one of those kids. Meet Leah who selflessly allowed my daughter to foster mom one of her favorite babydolls for the day. Leah couldn't have been more gracious with her toys or sweeter with the baby snatcher.

You know these three already. Larry, Curly and Moe. Curly's kinda cute here with that sly smile, right?

The Nonie. The Nonie with Little Miss Polka Dot. They make excellent photograph material, even in the bright sunlight.

And finally, the most patient cat this side of the Mississippi (or Potamac): Maya. (Maya's tail pictured below.)

This "meow" had every right to lash, claw, hiss, spit, or otherwise mangle my little girl.

Abby stalked her like she was Rihanna and when finally allowed an autograph? Abs poked her in the eye. Meh, kids these days.


Cristie Ritz King said...

Holy Mary. I read this thinking for sure I'd exaggerated her beauty in my mind from when we were younger. In fact I did not. She is even more perfect than I remember. Sweet mother that is one gorgeous mother!!

The Palmer Family said...

Wow, I totally get a Bumps vibe when I look at the picture of Jimmy. He's still cool. Glad you got to spend some time with him.