Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Memory of Harold

The thing about dogs is their memory.

They remember to seek out kisses when they're scared.

They remember to ask for belly rubs when they're at ease.

They remember the cookies are located in the kitchen.

(They remember to ask "pretty please with a bow on top.")

But most of all, they remember who their family is.

Harry, you never forgot me. It was me who forgot you. I forgot you were not so scary when I hid in my minivan as you pranced toward me. I forgot you were more gentle than a lamb when I stood stone still in your kitchen because I was afraid to move . I forgot you and I'm so ashamed because you always remembered me.

Now, Sir Harold, I promise to honor your memory and always remember you too. Bless your gigantic heart that taught me to love without divide. You were the center of their canine universe and wore that badge proudly. Now, the morning after you had to leave this earth, you are already so deeply missed that it hurts to say your name out loud. But we will.
It's what you do for family.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to our guy. He always knew you loved him so no worries about that. <3